Saturday, June 10, 2017

Top 3 Search Engine Optimization Tips 2017

Top 3 Search Engine Optimization Tips 2017: So guys, you want to rank your website on the first Page of google ,on the first position. then this article helps you to do that.first of all,a big thank you For landing on this lets look up the list of Search Engine Optimization Tips.

     Top 3 Search Engine Optimization Tips 2017

1-Keyword Planner For Seo-

Yes, guys if you want to rank your website on the first page then you need to do some keyword Researching. most of the people already know about keyword researching but they don't apply this Action on their blogs and website. online you can find many free and paid tools which helps you in Keyword researching. but here ,i am going to tell you the best free tool for keyword planning for seo.
The free tool is 'Google Adwords Keyword Planner'.

This tool is free of cost and increase website traffic by seo, it is very easy to operate and very easy to Understand, all you have to do is log in your google account.guys keyword planning is most Important otherwise you were just wasting you time on google searching Search Engine Optimization thing you to understand that ranking a website or blog on google or any other search engine Takes time,so have to keep you patience and doing work on your website continuously.ranking a Website is not a one day job ,it takes time,efforts and guys this is you first search engine Optimization tips.


Backlinks is our second tip in the list of 'Search Engine Optimization Tips'. backlinks has two types ,one is Do follow links and the other one is Do not follow links. so for ranking your website in google ,you have to create only Do follow links. it gives a hint to google that your website is referred by Other well know website. its important for seo tips for 2017.

There are many tools available online to check backlinks of well known  websites, you just have to Go to this websites backlinks address and comment on the page and make your own high pagerank Backlinks. always remember that ,you have to create only high PR backlinks because high PR Backlinks give you the advantage to rank in google.only well known and well published website Gives you the high PR guys this is the second tip on our list of ''search engine Optimization tips''.

3-Site Submit-

Guys,this is also important in order to rank your website in google or any other search engine.our Next tip in the list of "Search Engine Optimization Tips" is about submitting your can Search online many websites which accept your website and help you to rank your website or blog on Google or any other search engine.technically it is know as directory submission. you can submit Your articles url in this directories.  

Most of the people just add their homepages url in this site submit websites and stuck on this level Where they can't rank their website in search engines like google,yahoo or bing.i am giving you the Latest tips for seo 2017 which helps you and your please guys follow this tips and Improve your ranking in google or any other search engine.i hope you get the information from list of Top 3 ''search engine optimization tips'' 2017.
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