Tuesday, June 6, 2017

iOS 11 Not Available For iphone 5 And 5C


iOS 11 is on the verge of releasing with some cool new features and far more better updates.today i am giving you the information that can change your way of thinking towards apple products.every Individual want updated features and latest technology,this desired want is fulfilled with the release Of iOS 11 for apple products.so we are giving answer to those questions which  are rises in your Mind about iOS 11. so let's get started with our very first question.

Is iOS 11 is available for all iphones..?

Let me tell you that iOS is available for all iphones except iphone 5 and 5c.this is applicable for iphones but if we talk about ipads then ipad 4 users also gets disappointed to hear that iOS 11 is not Available for ipad 4.you will also have to know that some games and apps may stop working.
You can update your apple iphones and ipads with beta version of iOS by the end of this month.

What is apple pay.?

apple pay is a function or we can say a feature that comes in iOS. which help to send money through your apple iphones and ipads.in iOS 11 this feature is also updated.according to reports,apple pay feature is customised in way that helps the user to send and receive money in no time in other words we can say that apple pay becomes more efficient and effective.

what features that give iOS 11 .?

iOS 11 features were very cool and very interesting that can get engaged the users for hours.if we talk about siri,this feature gives you more personnel experience in a way to assist the user.the siri feature is more responsive and reliable in iOS 11.siri gives you suggestion and helps to find out what you want. multitasking is better in iOS 11,you can open a second app directly from the dock and used both apps at same time.you can use both apps in slide view as well as split view.drag and drop feature that only available in ipads. by this feature you can literally drag text,photos,files and drop them into another app.ipads also get the update regarding apple pencil.
iOS 11 gives this more real and more natural marks of apple pencil.so if you enjoy the apple pencil then get ready to use it in a natural and more real looking way.if we talk about live photos then it will be livear than ever.

When We Get iOS 11 For Our Iphones.?

The beta version of iOS 11 will be available at the end of this month. probably in july this means that we are just one month away from using the cool iOS 11 features.

My Last Words On This...............

iOS 11 sounds like fun and excited.so please try it as soon as it available for public.get more information and tell more apple users about this so they can mange to maintain their iphones.



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