Thursday, June 8, 2017

How To Delete WhatsApp Messages That You Already Sent

Yes,Guys you heard it right from the title of this article which is 'How To Delete WhatsApp Messages That You Already Sent' or some says 'Trick To revoke The unseen WhatsApp Messages' now you can  permanently delete your messages that had been already send And received by the other user.whatsapp is planning to launch this feature from a long,finally this function is coming to our lives.detailed information is given in this article ,so Read the whole article from top to bottom.

1.Name Of The Feature.?

Well there are many names were given by public,but the official name of this feature is 'RECALL'.this simple name is given to this feature because when someone send a message to another Person and forget to add or want to delete something then in this type of case he/she can use the 'RECALL' friends this means 'now you can delete whatsApp messages that you already sent'.

2.When This Feature will be available to update.

As soon as the trials of this feature completed.the RECALL feature will be available for Can easily update this feature  by going in update section of whatsapp on google playstore. i think it is A major update in the through out journey of whatsapp till now. people were excited about this feature Because it shows the 'Easy way to delete you already sent messages on whatsApp' or we can say 'Trick To revoke The unseen WhatsApp Messages'.

My Last Words On This.........

Guys,this is an opportunity for us to solve our past mistakes by deleting whatsapp messages or we Can say 'Delete whatsApp seen messages' . so you have be informed and regularly check your Whatsapp update on playstore so you can 'delete you already sent messages on whatsApp'. Tell other People about this upcoming feature and get more information on 'How To Delete WhatsApp Messages That You Already Sent' 

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