Monday, June 5, 2017

3 Best Smartphones In India 2017


Today i am talking about smartphones which every person uses in this modern area.smartphones are Becoming a necessary thing for today's generation,from boy to men ,from girl to women ,every Person uses this little magic box. so toady i am going to give you 5 best smartphones which are easily Available in the indian markets or you can purchase them from the e-commerce let's Begin the list-

1-Redmi 4 (32 GB) Only In RS.9000 

Redmi 4 has an amazing mobile with some cool features.the one and only finger print sensor phone On this list.In inda ,the craze of redmi smartphones were huge and that's why we listed this Smartphone on no.1. redmi 4 comes with some cool specification like

-13 megapixel primary camera with 5 elements lens and front facing camera is 5 megapixel which is     very excellent for taking cool selfies 
-5 inch. display to watch with 1280*720.
-3 GB RAM & 32 GB internal memory.
-41000mah battery.

So guys i am not giving you the full specification because i know that you can find a smartphones Specification on your i am giving you the reason that you clicked on this post to read. and the Reason is why anyone purchased this mobile on the basis of specification right.!
This smartphone is very handy and easy to use, and the most important reason to buy this phone is That it is a budget controller phone. let's keep it simple guys every person wants a smartphone that Has many features and its price is under the budget. this is the phone that every person want . a full Featured phone with low budget.

My last Words On This...............
Everybody deserve a best smartphone and i want to say to you that this is the best smartphone of all Time.actually i am planing to buy this phone but my budget is too tight so i am saving to buy this Phone of MI.

2-Lenovo Vibe K5 Only In RS.7500

Lenovo Vibe K5 little lower in price than redmi 4.but not in feature and quality that Lenovo Year ago my big brother purchased this phone and he is still enjoying this phone's thing That only LENOVO VIBE K5 gives you is the dolby atoms sound quality that creates a craze in Between music lovers. I am also a music lover and for hours i enjoyed the dolby atoms this Smartphone is one of my personnel favourite.

Now guys let's talk about the LENOVO VIBE K5 specifications.
-13 megapixel primary camera and 5 mega pixel front camera.
-Dolby atoms sound quality (one of my favourite)
-5 inch. hd display.
-2 GB RAM & 16 GB Internal memory.

So guys if you want a phone or we can say in other words a smartphone which comes under your Budget, a smartphone which gives you the best sound quality, a smartphone which is safe and reliable In all kinds of situation and a smartphone  which looks cool once he landed on your hands. then i Must say this is your smartphone which gives you the satisfaction that you want or we can say a Smartphone which you really deserve.

My Last Word On This...............
Many smartphones were come and go but this piece of beauty remains as it was before . i am saying All this because i personally became a lover after using this phone .so guys if i sum all this up in Short then here it is  'GO FOR IT'.

3.Samsung On5 Pro Only In RS.7240

As we all know that samsung leads the mobile industry from a long time is one of the Brand that only the name is sufficient in order to sell a samsung a phone in the market.we already Know that price of samsung smartphones is little high than other brand but the quality  that provide Samsung is also better than samsung. let's talk about SAMSUNG On5 Pro specifications.

- 8 mega pixel primary camera & 5 mega pixel front facing camera.
-5 inch touch screen with hd display.
-2 GB RAM & 16 GB internal memory.
-2600 mAH battery.
-Dual stand by 4G+4G.

If we talk about the camera quality of this smartphone then i must say it is amazing. quality that Samsung gives is far better than other brands. the goodwill of samsung in  mobile industry is Sufficient to sell a samsung product to the end users or we can say customers. this smartphone is well Priced and full of modern features which everybody wants.

My Last Word On This...............
So guys if you were planning to buy a smartphone which comes in your budget,which has cool and All new feature, which has a goodwill in the market and last but not list which looks better once the Phone comes in your hand then this is the smartphone that you were looking.

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